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Prémisses d'un parti socialiste européen ... ou encore travaillistes anglais. Il prendra successivement les noms de Parti des socialistes européens puis en 1992 de Parti Socialiste Européen (PSE). Il a pour but de dépasser les clivages nationaux ... Lire la suite

mores, anomie - Mores will be the Latin plural of mor/mos and indicates "acquired customs and manners"; social and moral conventions are mores, and The dearth of those is anomie.

〔動物{どうぶつ}が〕群居{ぐんきょ}する、社会性{しゃかい せい}の

Quantitative types solution social phenomena by quantifiable proof, and often depend upon statistical analysis of numerous instances (or across deliberately intended solutions in an experiment) to create legitimate and reputable standard claims.

of or regarding socialism. socialist procedures/governments. sosialisties إشْتِراكي социалистически socialista socialistický sozialistisch socialistisk σοσιαλιστικόςsocialista sotsialistlik sosialistinen socialiste סוֹציַאלִיסטִי समजवाद से संबंधित socijalistički, socijalističan szocialista sosialis sósíalískur socialista 社会主義の 사회주의의 socialistinis sociālistisks sosialis socialistischsosialistisksocjalistyczny شلست socialista socialist социалистический socialistický socialističen socijalistički socialistisk เกี่ยวกับสังคมนิยม sosyalist 社會主義的 соціалістичний اشتراکیت سے متعلق đặc trưng của chủ nghĩa xã hội 社会主义的

To combine socially (eg with company at a celebration and many others). sosialiseer يَخْتَلِط إجْتِماعِيّاً социализирам ser sociável žít společensky gesellig machen hygge sig συναναστρέφομαιrelacionarse, mezclarse con la gente seltskondlikult suhtlema seurustella voir/fréquenter des gens לְהִתעַרוֹת בַּחֶברָה लोगों के साथ घुलना-मिलना socijalizirati barátkozik bergaul blanda geði við socializzare 交際する 사교하다 bendrauti satikties saviesīgos pasākumos; saieties bergaul gezellig doen omgås; blande seg med andre, være selskapelig nawiązywać stosunki towarzyskie اجتماعي: كول، اولسې كول، دسوسيا ليستي تيورۍ اوعمل سره سمول ser sociável a frecventa (pe cineva) вести светский образ жизни žiť spoločensky družiti se socijalizovati umgås คบหาสมาคม toplumsal etkinliklere katılmak 社交往來 спілкуватися ملنا جلنا xã hội hóa 社交往来

social - made up of sociable people today or shaped for the goal of sociability; "a purely social club"; "the church has a sizable social corridor"; "a social director"

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In contemporary Culture, "social" generally refers to the redistributive guidelines of The federal government which purpose to apply sources in the general public desire, for example, social safety.

Structuralism is surely an approach to the human sciences that attempts to analyze a specific industry (As an example, mythology) as a fancy program of interrelated elements.

Le « social » est, aux côtés de l'environnement et de l'économie, l'un des trois piliers du développement resilient, tels que définis au sommet de la Terre de Rio de Janeiro en 1992. En effet, pour que le développement soit « resilient », c'est-à-dire pour qu'il satisfasse les besoins du présent sans compromettre la capacité des générations futures de satisfaire les leurs, les dirigeants réunis à Rio ont considéré qu'il devait prendre en compte non seulement des objectifs de safety de l'environnement et de rentabilité économique, mais aussi, des objectifs sociaux.

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This post is with regard to the science of studying social groups. For your integrated subject of analyze meant to market civic competence, see Social scientific studies. For that social-political-financial idea social first pioneered by Karl Marx, see Scientific socialism.

Social researchers will generally Incorporate quantitative and qualitative ways as part of a multi-approach style. Questionnaires, industry-primarily based details assortment, archival databases data and laboratory-based knowledge collections are a few of the measurement approaches utilized. It is actually famous the importance of measurement and Examination, focusing on the (tough to achieve) target of objective investigation or statistical hypothesis screening. A mathematical model employs mathematical language to describe a technique.

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